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Turbo-Charged Trading Results

Connect your Meta Trader 4 / 5 account, tailor the risk parameters to your preferences and start copying our hyper-successful FXNitro Algorithm.


How it Works

Activating the potential for true passive income

Join hundreds of users that are currently generating thousands of dollars in monthly profits in order to either supplement or replace their traditional income.


Fundamental Analysis

The FXNitro Algorithm uses economic data to develop a ‘directional bias’ for various financial instruments, which determines the overall direction of trading.


Technical Analysis

A substantial volume of historic price data has been analysed by the Algorithm, which helps to determine optimal trade entries and maximises profit potential.


Market Moving Events

The Algorithm uses an iteration of the ‘Black-Scholes Model’ to frequently calculate implied volatility. Internal risk parameters will adjust accordingly.


Portfolio Parameters

Each individual trade is assigned a risk limit, managed using stop losses. The overall portfolio operates under strict parameters to take into account overall exposure.

Why FXNitro?

Conquer financial markets with a completely ‘hands-free’ approach



Fully automated process from the initial trade idea generation, through to trade execution and active risk management of open trades.



A verified 6-month trading history, as well as many more years of back-tested results, spanning over a vast range of varying market conditions.



Creates the potential for true passive income to be obtained, using a completely ‘hands-free approach. Let the FXNitro Algorithm do the work!


How can the FXNitro Algorithm benefit you?

FXNitro aims to generate real world trading profits for users, allowing the opportunity for passive income streams to be generated with a fully ‘hands-free’ approach.

How do new users register?
All you need to join the program is a MetaTrader 4 / 5 account and then to simply signup to connect to the FXNitro Algorithm.



Users maintain full control of their funds within MetaTrader 4 / 5 accounts (only the user possesses withdrawal permissions), with flexibility to deposit / withdraw at any time.



Observe all trades as they are opened and closed direct within your MetaTrader account for 100% transparency of results. Email notifications are also available.



Connect your account for FREE and begin trading. FXNitro charges a profit-split at the end of the month, meaning you do not pay FXNitro unless you make money. No-brainer!


FXNitro Track Record 

Complete transparency, supported by our subscribers

The FXNitro Instagram account features a wealth of ‘Subscriber Reviews’. Join our Telegram Group to engage directly with real subscribers and better understand their experiences to date.


How to Join FXNitro

Connect your account for free to FXNitro

Start setting up an FXNitro account today by following the tutorial video below. If you require support at any time, please join our Telegram Group for 16-hours per day 'Live Support' - click the adjacent green button. 

  • How much is it to join FXNitro?
    FXNitro does not charge any upfront subscription costs. Instead, FXNitro takes a 20% profit split from whatever your overall account profit is at the end of the month. It is the perfect opportunity - you do not pay us anything, unless we make you money first! You will be invoiced directly on a monthly basis at the end of the trading period and we require payment within a stated period. FXNitro are extremely strict with their billing process. If a subscriber does not make the payment within the required timeframe, the subscriber will be permanently banned from connecting to the FXNitro algorithm.
  • How do I get involved with FX Nitro?
    Create a FREE account with FX Nitro through the platform ( and also a MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 account, through any compatible broker. After creating both accounts, follow the instruction video above this FAQ section in order to connect the two accounts together. Congratulations, the accounts are now connected. Please head over to the FX Nitro Telegram Group ( for 16-hour per day live support and for instructions of how to 'map' the various symbols.
  • I am a complete beginner to trading. Can I join FXNitro?
    Absolutely - 100%!! FXNitro is a service that allows subscribers to copy the trades of the algorithms completely autonomously. As long as you have connected to the algorithm and adjusted your settings accordingly (please refer to the 'How To Connect' video above), all trading will be completely automatic. You are free to just sit back and watch the algorithm in action.
  • Do you offer any affiliate or 'whitelabel' opportunities?
    Yes, we are currently offering opportunities for individuals / businesses with online audiences to 'whitelabel' our product. The opportunity is free and opens the potential for a lucrative revenue stream. If you have an existing online audience and would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact
  • Can subscribers from the United States join FXNitro?
    Yes they can, however some markets may be unavailable, due to country / state restrictions. United States subscribers should also confirm with their broker beforehand that they are not subject to 'FIFO' requirements, as the algorithm will not cater to this. US citizens may achieve a different level of return due to their ability to utilise leveraged trading products.
  • Does FXNitro have access to withdraw my funds?
    No - only you have access to deposit / withdraw from your trading account. The FXNitro is simply granted trading rights to place trades within your brokerage MT4 / 5 accounts.
  • How long has FXNitro been operating?
    The bot has been live trading since the 24th April 2023 and has a back-tested history of over 5 years across various asset classes.
  • How can I ensure that the trading results posted on the platform are accurate and transparent?
    All trades are opened / closed right in front of your face within your MT4/5 trading accounts. You will be able to download your account statements and view the timings and P&L of FXNitro's at any point, directly from your broker (who FXNitro have no affiliation with). Please join our Telegram Group ( to discuss the experiences of real subscribers that have been watching FXNitro trade in their own trading accounts over the past 6 months. The results are truly amazing!
  • Can I use any broker and what is the minimum investment?
    Any broker that is compatible with MetaTrader 4 / 5 can be used. There is no minimum investment imposed by FXNitro, given that it is free to connect to.
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